Donate Life Illinois Kicks Off the Spirit of Giving with National Donor Sabbath

thanx_hands_rgbA historic weekend is approaching us, are you ready?  For one weekend the faith community will unite for the common cause of organ/tissue donation through the celebration of National Donor Sabbath on November 14-16.

National Donor Sabbath is a time where donation and transplant professionals join faith communities and focus on the life-affirming gifts that can be passed to others through organ and tissue donation. Nearly every religion in the United States officially supports organ and tissue donation or supports the individual choice of its members. Donation is viewed by most religions as an act of compassion and generosity.

While participation in National Donor Sabbath grows, so does the need for donors. More than 28,000 organ transplants were performed last year thanks to the gifts of more than 14,000, yet more than 100,000 people are currently on the organ transplant waiting list. Each year, thousands of Americans also need corneal or other tissue transplants.

Transplantation can save lives, but only if generous individuals and families say yes to donation. Just one person can save and enhance the lives of 25.  Is your house of worship celebrating the gift of life this month? For participation ideas, materials and clergy resources, visit the Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network website.


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One Response to Donate Life Illinois Kicks Off the Spirit of Giving with National Donor Sabbath

  1. Colette says:

    Corpus Christ Catholic Church in Carol Stream is participating in National Donor Sabbath, with 18 year old parishioner Jayne Zenknor, who was listed in June at Children’s and is waiting for a liver transplant. She will speak to the congregation along with her mom Ellen, myself-as a recipient of the gift of life; Beth Stansfield; who’s father gave the gift of life in 1998 at age 42-and (possibly) Secretary of State Jessie White; who will address the congregation of the importance of organ and tissue donation at the 11 am service. We will then offer the congregation the opportunity to register their decision to be organ and tissue donors. If you don’t regularly attend a place of worship; come join us at Corpus Christi this Sunday morning. What a wonderful way to give thanks- at this time near Thanksgiving.

    I hope that others will carry the message to their faith communities this weekend also.
    We are all truly blessed.

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