2008 Campus Challenge Winners Announced!


Registered C.O.D. Student

With a whopping 559 registrations, College of DuPage stole the show as the 2008 Campus Challenge winner for total registrations! MacMurray College was also designated as a winner for registering the largest percentage of a school’s population.

Throughout the six-week Challenge, the seventeen participating schools managed to register 2,069 residents as lifesaving donors! When you consider that a registered organ/tissue donor has the potential to help save or enhance the lives of more than 25 people, the efforts of our participating schools could impact more than 51,725 people waiting for lifesaving transplants.

Kudos to our winners and a HUGE thanks to all of the students, student groups, faculty and staff that again helped make this year’s Campus Challenge effort a success.

We’ll have the results posted on our website this week, but here’s a glance at how our participating schools fared in the total registrations category.

Total registrations – 2,069

C.O.D. – 559
U of I – 393
NIU – 234
UIC- 186
WIU – 120
ISU – 105
Loyola – 99
Lewis – 95
Augustana – 54
EIU – 53
IWU – 37
Knox – 36
MacMurray – 35
IIT – 21
Knox – 19
Millikin – 16
SIU – 7

Great job everyone!

– Scott


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