Illinois Donor Diaries – Chapter 24 – Audra’s Achievement

Our latest chapter of our Illinois Donor Diaries profiles Audra Glenn, a marrow transplant recipient that is currently a sophomore at MacMurray College. Audra helped MacMurray win the category for registering the largest percentage of her school’s student population for the 2008 Campus Challenge.

Be sure to check out Audra’s story below!


November 24, 2008

Audra Glenn

During my senior year of high school I was diagnosed with a rare form of Hepatitis.  For five weeks, I was in and out of hospitals as doctors were trying to figure out why I was turning jaundice orange.

Looking towards the worst, doctors were preparing my family and me with the option of a liver transplant, as 20% of similar cases result in transplant. Fortunately, I began to get better and we all thought that I would not become a Hepatitis statistic. All that changed very quickly over Thanksgiving weekend as I was cheering on the Indianapolis Colts along with 50,000 other people and became extremely sick. Back in the hospital, my liver was thoroughly inspected only to find that it was in perfect health. What the tests did discover was that I had a very fatal disease called Severe Aplastic Anemia. Aside from numerous platelet and blood transfusions and chemotherapy treatments, my only option was a bone marrow transplant.

The most glorious day in my life was when my family was told that my big sister was a perfect match! I had my lifesaving transplant on January 18, 2007…that day will forever be our connection. Without my sister, I would not have been able to make the dean’s list my freshman year of college.  Even after my transplant, the doctors told me I wouldn’t even be able to attend college that next year – but I have proven to them that with my sister’s help, I am a fighter.

I chose to major in nursing.  My experiences will help me in my career and allow me to help others that face similar obstacles. Currently, I am in my sophomore year at MacMurray College and am also a peer leader in the freshman dorm. I am super excited to still be doing fairly well and pushing on with my life.

Due to our direct connection with transplantation, my family and I work hard to help Illinoisans join the State’s organ/tissue donor registry, as well as the Bone Marrow donor registry.

~ Audra Glenn
Carlinville, Ill.

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