Social Media Helps Mom Find Kidney Donor for Daughter

An amazing thing happened last month. A young girl’s life was saved thanks to the power of the Web.

On November 12th, a Mom in New York named Lisa posted about her daughter’s need for a living kidney donor to help save her life. In her post, Lisa issued a plea to all her blog readers to fill out a donor eligibility questionnaire in the hopes of finding a potential donor for her daughter, Marielle. The post prompted 189 comments and spurred readers to action.

The original post above seeped out to Lisa’s 418 followers on Twitter (microblogging service with over 5.5 million users…you can follow DonateLifeIllinois on Twitter as well) who helped spread the call to action to hundreds of others. You can see the activity here on where you can trace back everyone who helped pass on the info through their own Twitter updates. Quite mesmerizing.

Marielle’s condition continued to deteriorate but we later learned from Lisa that a donor match was found and an update earlier this week reports on Marielle’s adjustment and recovery progress.

It’s truly a sign of the times as we think about how the Web and different social media tools enable us to connect in such a simple, fluid fashion and build communities of support.

Our best to Marielle for a swift recovery with her new gift of life this holiday season!


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5 Responses to Social Media Helps Mom Find Kidney Donor for Daughter

  1. …. thought you might be interested in the Britannica post today, by a professor who’s an organ donor, on why non-cash incentives should be legal in the U.S. for encouraging more organ donations:

    We’d certainly welcome your opinion, and feel free to link back in your comments to your fine site, too.

    All the best,

    Barb Schreiber
    Britannica Blog
    Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
    Chicago, Illinois USA

  2. kidneytwin says:

    We’re advocating for passage of Arlen Specter’s ORGAN DONATION CLARIFICATION ACT OF 2008 in order to legalize NON-CASH compensation for live donation of kidneys.

    Read about KIDNEYS FOR COLLEGE CAMPAIGN over here:

  3. […] Twitter is helping people and causes connect in new ways. The impact can be dramatic (recall this Mom who sought out a living kidney donor for her daughter through the […]

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    coundition :health
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