Ride of His Life – Donate Life Rose Parade Float – Entry 5

Happy New Year!!!

A quick note from Steve as he gets ready for the Parade! Stay tuned for more photos/video from the day!


It’s 4:55am in Pasadena…  I’m dressed in my long johns and my Payton jersey…  I’m getting ready to catch the float rider bus…  We’re going to Von’s to grab a bite to eat and then we’ll see the float.  We’ll find out if we won any awards…  And we’ll get ready to wait.  We’re the 69th entry, so it will be a while – but that’s OK – we’ll have time to absorb…

I’ve only been this excited 3, maybe 4 times in my life…  When Laura told me she’d marry me would be one of those times…  Meeting Kari’s family would be another…  Meeting Kari’s friend, Jenn, would be a third.  Being with her friends I’ve met since, and am still meeting, would be a group fourth.  I’m walking around in my stupid long johns in Southern California and welling up every 5 minutes…

Happy New Year!!!  As Scott over at “I am. Are you” titles my posts – I’m ready for the ride of my life.  And I’ll be thinking of so many of you while I’m out there…

Love,  Steve


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