Ride of His Life – Donate Life Rose Parade Float – THE RIDE

I know, I know all the build up and anticipation.

Steve kindly filled us in with another exciting post yesterday that gives us all a unique perspective that of what it’s like to represent Donate Life in front of millions of eyes!

A quick snippet of Steve before the parade:

From the Float!

Be sure to check out Steve’s full recap over on Revive Hope.


Thanks for all the updates Steve!


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2 Responses to Ride of His Life – Donate Life Rose Parade Float – THE RIDE

  1. Steve Ferkau says:

    Hey Scott…

    When you titled your first post “The ride of his life…” I was thinking, “let’s not go that far…” I was thinking I didn’t want this to be a pinnacle or a defining moment – I’ve had an incredible life and I’ve still got a ways to go, hopefully… I knew that this was going to be special – but like getting Kari’s lungs, I didn’t realize how special…

    It wasn’t even the “ride” – it was the week, and the people surrounding the event that made it so very special… It was the rose dedications for Kari, Chloe, Chase and so many others – and being able to honor them in such a meaningful way… It was meeting other recipients, and especially other donor families, and sharing stories… It was being around other transplant and organ donation professionals and experiencing what they do for us – how they help us, whether we give or receive… It was helping decorate the float… The entire week had this aura of love and caring that permeated everything…

    I was with these people for less than a week, but they immediately felt like family… I had my face buried in so many shoulders weeping for gifts they gave, or gifts we received. It was hard to leave all of them – but oddly enough, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be – probably because they’ll be with me forever… They’ll be in my heart forever.

    You were right from the start – it was the ride of my life…

    Love, Steve

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