Donors Are Sexy!

A pair of California graduate students have recently launched a new organ/tissue donation awareness campaign under the theme  “Donors Are Sexy!”

The mission of their effort?

Simple – utilize social media to help people focus on “how good it feels to be an organ donor…by showing in a funny way that organ donors are sexy, smart, savvy and sweet.”

You can hop over to their Web site at as well as check out their blog, Facebook group and YouTube channel.


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4 Responses to Donors Are Sexy!

  1. Roger says:

    This spot is terrible and doesn’t do anything to promote the issue. As a donor and a recipient, I am always heartened to see good promotion of organ and tissue donation.

    Unfortunately the only thing being promoted in this video is douchebaggery. The idea that you have to “Attack when she is alone, preferably alcoholized” is absolutely insulting to women as nothing more than targets and men as nothing more than walking hormones who couldn’t get laid if she was sober. Incidentally, if you have to get her drunk, that’s what we call “drug facilitated sexual assault” under Illinois statute (720 ILCS 5/12‑13 Ch. 38, par. 12‑13a(2)).

    Setting aside the “how to be a jackass” advice, and the fact that it promotes drunk sex at best and date rape at worst, it also takes a full four minutes to get to the dumb conclusion that the “most deadliest” mistake that this asshat made was not being a donor.

    Donors are sexy (so are recipients thank you) and this is an important issue. Let’s not settle for craptastic advertising from wannabe ladies-men chumps. Let’s not assume that donors are the lowest-common-denominator and instead, for once, let’s expect more from men.

    California graduate students? FAIL!

  2. Scott Meis says:

    Hi Roger – I hear your concerns and upon additional review of the video I fully understand how it can be seen as offensive. I’ve removed the video from the post above. Thanks for reading.

  3. Oscar says:

    Praying for and with you.Signed my donor card a long time ago, and my flmaiy knows, but have now registered on-line. Hadn't known to do that, so thanks.Hope there's a huge response to this, for the sake of so many people!

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