Hustle, Hearts and Hugs

Melissa with Kari's Klimbers

Melissa with Kari's Klimbers

Last weekend was the annual Hustle up the Hancock. The event is hosted by the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago and brings together over 4,000 people to climb to the top of the John Hancock Center to raise funds for lung disease research, advocacy and education.

This event is always a special one for lung transplant recipient Steve Ferkau as he climbs 1,632 steps to the top to honor his donor, Kari. This year was made particularly special as Steve was joined by a couple new fellow transplant recipients, Melissa and Megan.

Hop over to Revive  Hope to check out Melissa’s post on her experience. In addition, be sure to check out these Northwest Herald article’s on Megan (part 1 and part 2). Congrats to Megan and Melissa and everyone that joined Steve on on the journey to the top!


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2 Responses to Hustle, Hearts and Hugs

  1. Steve Ferkau says:

    Hey Scott!!!

    Thanks for picking us up… And thanks for posting the picture of “Melissa with Kari’s Klimbers”… Actually — it was more special than that… In this picture, Melissa wasn’t just with Kari’s Klimbers — she was with Kari’s friends… The girls in this picture were Kari’s volleyball teammates — they came out from Iowa and Minnesota and Aurora to be with me, and climb with me… And they bonded with Melissa…

    When Melissa suggested that, perhaps, they could climb ahead without her — their rally cry was “LEAVE NO WOMAN BEHIND!!!” They all did well — they all did in the low 30-minutes… Katie told me that Melissa didn’t hold them back — Melissa said they waited for her and cheered her on… Whatever happened in the stairwells — I think Kari would be proud of her friends… I’m proud of her friends…

    It was an awesome climb… I had 99 people on my team, and a few dozen support people… All wearing light blue t-shirts with the Donate Life colors — except the girls above… I was wearing what they wore — a shirt created by them in honor of Kari the year she passed away… Kari’s Mom sent me one and it’s my most valued possession…

    You take care, Scott — we ROCKED the Hancock…

    Love, Steve

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