Let’s Keep Talking Donation!

Thank you to everyone for helping us make National Donate Life Month a success! Here’s a quick recap on some of the great activities that took place on and offline throughout April.

– Our “I Heart Organ Donors” video drew some great response from viewers!

– Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White launched his new annual TV and radio ad campaign promoting organ & tissue donation.

– Donate Life Illinois ran their latest CTA ads and placed an ad in every edition of RedEye Chicago.

– Hundreds of hospitals across the nation celebrated April by participating in the Flags Across America effort.

College of DuPage, Illinois State University and the University of Illinois helped us register hundreds of new college students as donors.

– Our April 17 National Facebook Photo/Status Update Day attracted over 1,700 participants to help spread the word and encourage registration on the popular social networking site.

– Donate Life America launched their Facebook fan page! In addition, thanks to everyone who has joined our DLI Facebook fan page and cause.

– DLI joined supporters and volunteers with Morgan D’ Organ for a early morning visit to NBC plaza.

– Thousands learned about the importance of donation through lots of great TV and radio interviews as well as newspaper stories and blogs.

Thanks to everyone for helping and let’s keep spreading the word!


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2 Responses to Let’s Keep Talking Donation!

  1. Scott,
    You are simply amazing at the tremendous inertia you have created for organ and tissue donation. Continue the great work and look forward to collaborating with “I Am. Are You” in the future.

    Heart Transplant Recipient, June 1995

  2. Scott Meis says:

    Thanks Glenn! I can hardly take credit though as it’s the community as a whole that continues to synch together in these great outreach efforts. There are so many hardworking OPO folks, transplant doctors, nurses and of course volunteers, donor family members and recipients like yourself that help to comprise the larger donation story. It motivates me everyday.

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