Put Your Hands Together!

We’re proud to announce that our video about double lung transplant recipient Steve Ferkau and his donor Kari (Steve’s Story – The Circle of Life) has placed second in the “online shorts” category for the first annual Donate Life Hollywood Film Festival!

In addition, HUGE congrats to Steve for being awarded with the Health and Human Services Medal of Honor for his commitment to helping promote organ and tissue donation.


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5 Responses to Put Your Hands Together!

  1. Steve Ferkau says:

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! I’d like to take a moment to thank the Academy, and my Mom & Dad & Sisters for tolerating me throughout the early years — and, of course, Laura for tolerating me through these past 23 years…

    But seriously, Scott… Your camera guy and sound guy and you were incredibly patient while I stumbled over words and/or said a lot of words that needed not to be on a video — you told me we’d be filming for maybe two hours, and four or five hours later we were done… And what you put together from what I said is beautiful and makes me proud and, most important, tells people about Kari… I’m honored to have been a part of this and I think it’s crazy-wonderful that our little “online-short” did so well!!!

    Love, Steve

  2. Steve Ferkau says:

    p.s. Thanks for the congrats on the HHS Medal of Honor… You’ll never know how special that makes me feel!!!

  3. Colette Jordan says:

    Congratulations on the video (which made me cry) and on winning the Health and Human Services award, Steve!

    What an incredible video, and inspiring story!! We transplant recipients are all really blessed, and you are number 1 in my book!

    I am honored to know you…

    grateful liver recipient

  4. […] big fans of using video to share individual’s stories and connect with viewers. Our video, Steve’s Story – The Circle of Life took second place in the online shorts category at last year’s […]

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