Illinois Donor Diaries – Chapter 31 – My Best Friend

Today we bring you the latest chapter of our Illinois Donor Diaries. Thank you for sharing Kari.


Kari & Tim

Kari & Tim

My name is Kari and on January 22nd, 2009 my husband of one year and companion of nine years died.  Tim had an undiagnosed heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy.  We never knew there was anything wrong.  Tim was a special education teacher, coach, and simply the best person I had ever known and will ever know.

My husband and I had discussed many, many times about being organ donors.  We both registered and talked about how we wouldn’t need our organs when we’re gone and thus it made sense to donate everything to someone who could benefit from life.  I would quiz him obnoxiously about what I wanted to donate.

I’m a donor for Tim.  I’m a donor for people like Tim. Now more than ever, I want to help and spread the word on organ and tissue donation. Tim helped people when he was alive, and it’s an amazing feeling knowing that he’s still helping people after he’s gone.

Schaumburg, IL

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One Response to Illinois Donor Diaries – Chapter 31 – My Best Friend

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Kari. You are so right when you say that Tim is “still helping people after he’s gone,” and I hope that you are able to find a sense solace in knowing this. My older sister’s life was saved by an organ donor at age 15, and now that we have found ourselves on the road of transplantation yet again, I find myself deeply moved by the stories of those who are on the other side of organ donation. Thank you for your strength 🙂

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