Samantha’s Story – Saving Lives Through Organ and Tissue Donation



In late July, we buzzed out to St. Charles to meet up with a very special family – the Joos.

Tim and Deb Joos were kind enough to let us come out to their home to film a short video about their daughter Samantha. I had only heard buzz about how powerful of a speaker Tim is but was absolutely blown away when we sat down and started taping.

You can’t help but get choked up sitting in the same room with Tim and hearing him reflect on Sam. We tried to capture a sliver of that to share with others through this spot. What resulted is an incredibly powerful, inspirational video that truly drives home just how important it is to be a registered organ and tissue donor.

You’ll note at the end that the video is branded around Donate Life America and has a call to action for anyone to register at If you enjoy the video, please take a moment to share with friends in any of the following ways:

1. Email the video link ( and a short note around to family, friends, coworkers, social groups, anyone you can think of!

2. Post a status update on Facebook with the video link and include a call to action asking your friends to make sure they’re a registered donor at You can also share the link on your blog, over on Twitter, MySpace or other social media sites.

3. Get as creative as you’d like in sharing!

Thank you Tim and Deb.

As Melissa over at Revive Hope aptly wrote to tell me after viewing, “Tim truly is the epitome of the Donate Life Dad.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


p.s. Thanks to Steve over at Revive Hope for also writing this nice post about the video.

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One Response to Samantha’s Story – Saving Lives Through Organ and Tissue Donation

  1. Melissa says:

    Yeah Tim – a.k.a. Donate Life Dad of the Year! Great Video. I will post it on my FB status and also share it with my friends becuase it’s just that good.

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