Update on Transplant Patient Bill Coon


Bill Coon recovering in hospital. Photo from WAOW-TV.

Recently, we’ve featured a couple posts about Columbia College student Bill Coon who has been waiting for a lifesaving heart and kidney transplant for the past four months.

Bill’s cousin Natalie, a news anchor for WAOW-TV in Wausau, WI has been providing updates on Bill’s status whenever possible. We were elated to learn yesterday that Bill has received his heart transplant and is currently in surgery this morning for his kidney transplant.

To echo Natalie’s report this morning, our thoughts to out to the donor family for their gracious gift as well as to Bill and his family for a successful surgery this morning.


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4 Responses to Update on Transplant Patient Bill Coon

  1. Steve Ferkau says:

    Godspeed, Bill… I hope your surgery and recovery are awesome — I hope your beautiful, new, third heart beats steadily for years and years… I hope some of the suffering we’ve witnessed is soon long behind you… Love, Steve

  2. […] were also thrilled to hear that Columbia student Bill Coon received his heart and kidney transplants this past week! Bill’s sister, Carissa, has been highly […]

  3. […] Organ Donation Video – Waiting for a Second Chance A few weeks ago, members of the DLI team headed down to Charleston, IL to visit Eastern Illinois University to film a video with student Carissa Coon, sister of Bill Coon. […]

  4. […] to help promote donation in any way possible, Bill was excited to have us share his entries on our DLI blog and we even had the opportunity to create a video about Bill’s transplant experience with his […]

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