Morgan’s Halloween Night Out


Superman Morgan

Thanks to everyone who voted this year to help me pick my Halloween costume! I didn’t think I could out do my awesome pirate costume from last year, but man did you guys come through for me!

I’ve always considered it a privilege to represent the incredible men and women of Illinois who help save countless lives each and every day with organ/tissue donation, but I’d never go so far as to call myself a superhero; I’d reserve that for those who give the gift of life. Nonetheless, the organ donation community made their voices heard and this year I came out strong and donned a red cape, blue boots and a yellow underwear thingy to be THE hero of all heroes…SUPERMAN!

I somehow managed to overbook myself for the evening (I’m a popular guy, what can I say?) so having the power to fly around the state for the night definitely made things a whole lot easier. As I flew around Illinois, I got to see all the great costumes you guys put together and wow was I impressed!

Another great thing about being Superman for the night was that after eating all that yummy Halloween candy (and let me tell you, a liver sure can eat), I was able to take a quick jog around the state and whew, did I feel as fit as ever.

But of course, aside from having an awesome time and showing off my super cool costume, I wanted to make sure I got out and spread the word about the importance of organ/tissue donation. I met some wonderful people who wanted to learn more about what it takes to become an organ donor and they were so eager to register, it was incredible!

I had just a great time, and thanks again for helping pick out such a cool costume for me. And remember, you don’t need a cape to help
save a life! Register to be an organ/tissue donor today.

~ Morgz D’ Orgz

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