Dear Santa…

We’re happy to share a nice reflection post from heart and kidney recipient Bill Coon. Thanks for sharing Bill and Happy Holidays to you and your family!


Bill Coon

Never has the Christmas tree looked as beautiful as it does this year.

The white lights seem to have a life of their own, as they illuminate the ornaments that gently rest upon the branches. Each ornament brings back a memory from a Christmas past. The tree itself seems taller, almost mammoth-like. It stands tall and proud even with the absence of presents. The void below the Christmas tree caused me to ponder what I want this year for Christmas.

Anything that can be store-bought seemed so meaningless and cold. It was then that I realized my Christmas had come early this year, and that I have already received the greatest gift of all, the gift of life.

This Christmas, I wouldn’t be able to stare at this magnificent tree if it were not for my donor. This Christmas, I get to watch old holiday films. This Christmas, I feel the same excitement that I did as a child on Christmas morning as I dashed frantically down the stairs to see what Santa had brought for me. I would have never been able to do any of this if it were not for the family of my donor, who in their darkest hour mustered the ability to step outside of their pain, so that they could take away mine.

I have thought about it, and I realize what I want more than anything this year for Christmas.

I want my donor family to be happy.

Though it will be extremely difficult, I want them to be thankful that they have each other. I want their holiday to be filled with the same traditions, and for the New Year to bring them only happiness, because they gave me happiness. I am thankful for them, and I am thankful to be alive.

Holiday wishes to all,


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3 Responses to Dear Santa…

  1. Colette Jordan says:

    Having recently heard from my donor family ~I have thought about my wants and needs this Holiday also, and I realize that I want more than anything this year for Christmas is for my donor family to be at peace.
    Thanks for saying yes to donation Tom. You are my hero.
    I feel blessed.


  2. Patsy Tracy says:

    As a donor sister, I just wanted to say thanks for bringing a smile to my face (as well as a tear down my cheek) as I read this!! Just as you wish all the best to your donor family…. our family wishes the same to the recipients, as a piece of our loved one can live on! xoxo

  3. Ann Coon says:

    Dear Patsy,
    Oddly enough, tonight, some five weeks after you wrote your entry, I am reading it for the first time. Even more odd, is the fact that you wrote your comment on my birthday, which was a great birthday because of the unselfish love of our donor family. Somehow, I feel it is an omen and I am compelled to write. First of all and foremost, I must say “God bless you, God bless your family, and God bless your dearly beloved loved one. As the mother of a two time organ recipient, I want you and your family to know the love and gratitude we live with each and every second of every day. From the very first second that we learned that there was a donor for our son back in 1989, we vowed to God that we would raise a child that was WORTHY of receiving the Gift of Life. A child that would live his life paying homage to not only his donor, but also his donor’s family. A child that would live his life to its fullest, for he was/is truly living for two. You should know that your gift is something that is NEVER taken lightly. That through your incredible act of love and selflessness in your darkest hour, that many, many lives are impacted. You should know that the spirit of your lived one lives on, that your love touches the lives of strangers, who in turn make this a much better world to live in. You should know that your love is so ingrained in our lives, that we live each and every moment with the intent of giving back to you. You should know that though you are not able to hold or speak with your loved one, the he/she is living on and touching even more lives than you could imagine. You should know that you are our hero and we could only hope to measure up to who you are and what you have done. You should know that we pay tribute to our donor and our donor’s family each and every second of every day and that we share in your pain as we rejoice in the chance that you have given us. God bless you and your family, God bless the memory of your dear sibling – thank you so much for the greatest gift of all….the gift of life, living proof of the human spirit. I do not know, but your words will forever be ingrained in my heart – I will pray for you and for the strength of your family.

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