More Than Just a Climb…

This Sunday, some of our favorite supporters and organ donation advocates from the Revive Hope crew are going to get a little exercise climbing all the way to the top of the infamous John Hancock building here in Chicago. For Steve Ferkau and Melissa Simon, the annual Hustle Up the Hancock event is far more than an early Sunday morning workout – it’s a tribute to the individual’s that helped save their lives through the power of organ donation.

Last week, I shared Melissa’s post detailing her anticipation around meeting her donor family. Yesterday, Melissa also shared some insight into just how important the Hustle event will be this year with her donor family there to cheer her on.

Melissa Simon with Steve's Climbing Crew - Kari's Klimbers

We wish Steve, Melissa and all the climbers the best of luck this week!


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2 Responses to More Than Just a Climb…

  1. Steve Ferkau says:

    Hey Scott!!!

    Melissa wrote a beautiful, little post about our Hustle… In the picture you posted, they are more than “Steve’s Climbing Crew” that Melissa is with… They are #12, #8, #4 and #2… Kari was a star middle-hitter on her high school volleyball team – she wore #13. The girls in that stairwell picture with Melissa are Kari’s volleyball teammates! This one is missing #7 — she was probably already near the top… This year they will all be back — and they’re bringing #15 as well…

    Can you imagine what it feels like to breathe with her beautiful lungs, and be surrounded by her beautiful friends?!?! In April, it will be 10 years since Kari passed and she and her family gave me her lungs… To have them come out to climb with me, to remember and honor Kari is pretty incredible…

    Thanks for picking up Melissa’s post, as well as her beautiful post from the other day… Love, Steve

  2. […] our post last week about Melissa Simon’s participation in the Hustle Up the Hancock event, we wanted […]

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