Extreme Makeover Home Edition – Donate Life Episode

Yesterday, Donate Life Hollywood announced to the community that the popular ABC show Extreme Makeover Home Edition will be touting the importance of organ/tissue donation in their upcoming March 14th episode.

In this episode the Extreme Makeover team heads to Oklahoma to fix the home of Brian and Audra Skaggs, whose son Jhett had a heart transplant as an infant.  During the episode, show host Ty makes an emotional plea for Americans to become organ donors to save lives and the show includes Donate Life volunteers.

Be sure to tune in and check out the trailer below!


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3 Responses to Extreme Makeover Home Edition – Donate Life Episode

  1. Ny neice Melissa was born 26 years ago she had cyst instead of kidneys. She was a little over a year when she got her first kidney from her mother, my sister. She and most of the family walk and give toPDK it won’t help her but may some day help someone down the road. Melissa got a bad virus that almost took her like, she made it through but her kidney didn’t fair so well, she is now getting ready for a transplant, my daughter Dawn her cousin is giving her one of her kidneys with one selfish thought, she is doing it out of need and love, the love of God. Dawn has two small children, yes I am concerned and I do have great faith, I used to see her in a crib at Chilfren with so many other children hooked up to mechines that it effects you for life. We all have our driver cards signed. As the saying goes don’t take your orgins to Heaven Heaven knows we need them here! I wish I could do something special for them when it’s over maybe I can something small. I feel if people saw and read about the need more they might think more about signing up, it makes one feel good knowing tha when there gone that someone might live because of a signed card! God Bless all, thanks for listening.

  2. รายได้เสริมทางเน็ต…

    […]Extreme Makeover Home Edition – Donate Life Episode « Donate Life Illinois – Organ Donation News – I am. Are you?[…]…

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