Passing the Torch

Nearly 600 posts later, this is a tough one to write. Since 2006, I’ve had the great honor of managing campaign outreach efforts for Donate Life Illinois on behalf of Gift of Hope. When I first started working with Gift of Hope in 2006, Illinois had just initiated its first-person consent registry. Little did I know that I would get to be involved with an amazing lifesaving movement that has helped motivate more than 5.1 million Illinois residents to register as organ/tissue donors.

Along the way, I’ve met some amazing people. The donation community continues to grow and flourish thanks to the incredible efforts of all those that work at OPO’s, transplant centers, tissue banks and other affiliated organizations. On top of their tireless efforts, there is the key component to all of this – YOU. The transplant patients, recipients, donor family members and general issue supporters and advocates that take the time to help educate and encourage others to register as donors.

It’s a simple message – Be an organ donor, help save lives – but one that needs the constant reinforcement and help of our entire community to properly educate others about why registering is so important. And, let’s be frank, it doesn’t take much to demonstrate why all this matters. Just ask Anne, Steve, Melissa, Tim or anyone that has a personal tie to the issue.

And so with that, I pass on the campaign management reigns to my coworker, Nick, who will take over managing the blog here and keeping you updated with all the great happenings at DLI camp.

Most important, THANK YOU for the continued support of organ donation and help with public outreach. Though my life is moving down a different path, I’ll remain a huge advocate forever.

Cheers to all!



2 Responses to Passing the Torch

  1. Best wishes Scott, I will personally miss your inspiration. It is because of your sharing of experience in social media, the Donate Life Organ Donation Blog has been as successful as it is. Thank you for all that you do for the donation and transplant community, I look forward to when our paths cross again.

    Keep in touch,
    Glenn Matsuki
    Heart Transplant Recipient, 1995
    Donate Life Organ and Tissue Donation Blog

  2. Colette Jordan says:

    Hi Scott,
    You were the first person that responded to my request to offer my volunteer services to the cause in August, 2007. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for believing in me… and for your continuous support and vast knowledge base. I hope to work with you again in the future, Keep in touch, please. Take care,

    grateful liver recipient

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