DePaul’s Blue Live Savers – Guest Post

Whitney, a DePaul graduate student and member of Student’s for Organ Donation, explains the process of establishing the group on her campus. Anybody interested in doing the same, please email and we will get you set-up. – Nick


In January, we formed DePaul’s chapter of Students for Organ Donation – fittingly called DePaul’s Blue Life Savers!

We are excited to be making an impact in the DePaul community. For those of you considering starting a group at your college, we’re happy to report that there were far fewer hoops than we anticipated in getting our chapter off of the ground. We first applied to be recognized as an official student group through DePaul’s student life office, which was a quick and painless process. We then met with Joslyn, from Gift of Hope, and she provided us with the information and materials about the organization and our role as a student group. At the end of January, we secured a booth at the DePaul student involvement fair and introduced our organization to the student body. Since then, we’ve held our first registration drive and held our kick-off meeting to recruit more group members on March 3.

The most challenging aspect we have faced so far in this process has been raising awareness among DePaul’s student body – a key component to our first organ donation drive was visibility. Luckily, we had Morgan D’Organ join us for the registration drive – not many people can ignore a six foot by six foot giant pink organ! Morgan was a big hit (students were lining up to have their picture taken with him!) and our results were great – we ran the registration for two hours on the Thursday before Valentine’s Day and more than 25 students registered. We saved more than 600 lives that night!

Gift of Hope has been a fantastic resource for us as we work toward our goals of raising awareness and increasing the number of registered donors in the Illinois organ and tissue donor registry. We would especially like to thank Joslyn for her energy and creativity in helping us navigate this process. If you are thinking about starting a chapter at your school, DO IT! You’ll be amazed how much fun you can have saving lives.

We are actively recruiting for our organization and welcome any DePaul readers to join our chapter of Students for Organ Donation! Interested students can learn about our upcoming events on our Facebook page – Blue Life Savers of DePaul, by visiting our website at, or by emailing

-Whitney, DePaul Graduate Student

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3 Responses to DePaul’s Blue Live Savers – Guest Post

  1. StateSaves7 says:

    We’re working on doing the same!
    We wish you all the best with everything- it’s encouraging to see others who care and know we can make a difference!!!/?ref=logo

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