Behind the Scenes: Spanish PSA Video Shoot

Recently, Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network collaborated with three Hispanic donor families and transplant recipients to create public service announcements for the Spanish speaking community. As a preview, I’m sharing photos from the video shoots and the stories of the individuals featured in the PSAs. Raiza, Hispanic outreach coordinator for Gift of Hope, the DECA production team and I were moved by the bravery each individual displayed while retelling their story about a difficult and emotional part of their life. Their honesty and inspiring stories will encourage others to “done vida.” Stay tuned to view the PSAs on our YouTube channel.


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Fabiola was placed on the kidney donor list in November 2006. “Ever since I was placed on the waiting list I felt like dying. I was full of fear and I thought I’d never find a donor, especially a donor with kidneys compatible to mine,” said Fabiola. “Month after month the anguish and desperation built up, not just for me, but for my family. It was difficult to live life like this. I had no idea how much longer I was to wait until getting the call.” Then she received a call and heard “we have a donor.”  Fabiola was beyond ecstatic. After receiving her transplant, she has been enjoying time with her family and working hard at school.

Marco Antonio

“It was early in the morning,” said Marco, reflecting on when he received the call informing him he had a donor match. “I felt surprised, overwhelmed and sad all at the same time. I called my family and friends and asked them to pray for me and for my donor’s family”.

Nowadays, Marco Antonio has a full life. He plays in the park with his grandchildren Isabella and Anthony. He has faith in the future. He received the greatest gift, a second chance at life. “There are not words to thank my donor’s family for that precious gift”.

The Rodriguez Family

The death of pro-boxer Francisco “Paco” Rodriguez, also called El Nino Azteca, was a tragedy in the boxing community but, through organ donation, he saved the lives of 5 people, including his Uncle Ramon’s. Ramon had been waiting years for a new kidney.

Paco’s brother, Alex, is this year’s Gift of Hope Hispanic Ambassador. “Paco’s going to continue walking through life in those other people,” Alex said. “We lost our champ, but we know he’d be so happy to know he’s helping others. God invited him to see heaven, and he stayed -there, looking down at the rest of us.”

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