Reader’s Digest for the Donation Community

Over the years we’ve seen many organ and tissue donation organizations introduce their story to the online world. Great news for all of us online news junkies who are now only clicks away from all donation related articles and blog postings.  When sorting through the day’s tweets, postings and publications, you’re bound to miss a story or blog post. The recently launched Transplant Awareness Daily can help. Updated each morning, the blog may become your one stop site for a round-up of the previous day’s news stories.

Articles are separated by topic, making it easier to browse for the story you’re looking for. Plus, translating the site into German and French only takes a click. Stories are pulled from a twitter stream managed by Angel Cove, the online shop for items with pro-donation messages including t-shirts, tote bags, buttons, gifts and cards. All of the profits from the shop are donated to a transplant charity.

Of course the Donate Life Organ & Tissue Donation Weblog remains a great resource for all the national news stories and blog posts that is updated frequently throughout the day, keeping up with the 24-hour news cycle. It’s great to have multiple resources to organize all the important transplant and donation stories that are shared each day.

Happy reading!



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