The Greatest Gift

Photo by mmlolek

In response to this column on gifts worth remembering, we asked our Donate Life Illinois twitter followers, “what was the best gift you’ve ever received?” We received many touching responses and wanted to share them with our readers:

SDM1977 :@DonateLifeIL cornea transplant for my daughter. Without a donor, she would have lost her eye at 9 years old. Blessed.

RHLevitin: My dad’s heart transplant that gave him 9 extra years with us. RT @DonateLifeIL: What’s the best #gift you’ve ever received?#DonateLife

ktoddstorch:@DonateLifeIL love from God, my wife and my children. #gift

After sharing the column on the DLI Facebook Page, we received the following comments:

Jean: Everyone should seriously consider donating..You can’t give a better gift.

Deborah: So thankful that my brother Dave who received a liver transplant 8 years ago is well and here to celebrate another Christmas with us. He lives with and cares for our elderly parents.. we do not know what we do with out him..Thank-you Jesus!!!!

What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Leave your answer in the comments section below or on the DLI Facebook Page.


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