A Valentine for Donor Families

February 14th, is a day that is synonymous with love for several reasons.  Not only is today Valentine’s Day, but it is also National Donor Day.  On this day, we remember those who lovingly gave the gift of life through organ and tissue donation. 

George Mrazek, an advocate and volunteer for Donate Life Illinois, composed the following letter to thank donors and donor families.

The Mrazek Family

Twenty-six short months ago my life, as well as the lives of my family members, changed forever when I received my lifesaving liver transplant just before Christmas. As my 8-year-old son said at the time, it was the best Christmas gift we had ever received; life.

Organ Donation means everything to me. After years of suffering and uncertainty, my hopes and prayers were answered. Organ donation not only restored my health and gave me the ultimate “gift of life”, it also restored my hope in others.

Receiving my organ was the most amazing and humbling experience of my life. It is a very similar feeling to my children being born. Both experiences are so humanly rich and filled with love. Due to the unselfishness of another family, my family has the opportunity to celebrate all life has to offer. Organ donation has awakened me to everything good that surrounds our daily lives. It has reminded me of the biblical verse, “Give and it will be given to you”, because just as I was given the ultimate gift I now live my life with the constant reminder to give back to others.

– Geo Mrazek

To register your decision to be an organ and tissue donor, go to DonateLifeIllinois.org!


One Response to A Valentine for Donor Families

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow what a amazing story and that let us all know that life does goes on and that Organ donation, it really works. I pray that you enjoy life with your family to the fullest.

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