Celebrate the Gift of Life on Child Health Day

Monday, October 3, marked the 83rd annual celebration of Child Health Day. This brings to mind many stories of lifesaving organ transplants given to children in need. During April, we featured the story of Mia Royer, a one-year-old girl who received a lifesaving intestine transplant in 2009. Today, she is fully recovered and living the life of a healthy, happy three-year-old.

Mia and the Royer Family

Our friends at Children’s Memorial Hospital have featured the stories of several children waiting for and receiving lifesaving organ transplants. Mackenzie Tannhauser, a 17-year-old girl from Crystal Lake, posted a video diary of her wait for a heart transplant. Her series of videos shows the “ups and downs” associated with waiting for the gift of life. Thankfully, she received a transplant last month and is on the way to leading a healthy, productive life.

There’s also the story of Drew Boedigheimer, a two-year-old boy and Cubs fan who received two life-changing gifts—a new heart from a selfless donor and a visit from his favorite Cubs player, Darwin Barney. After his transplant, Drew’s doctor encouraged the Boedigheimer family to contact the Cubs to set up a visit from Barney, their rookie second baseman. The Cubs were more than happy to accommodate the request, and Barney paid a visit and help raise Drew’s spirits. Watch Drew’s story at WGN.com.

Todd & Drew Boedigheimer

Stories like this are made possible by people who make the decision to be registered organ and tissue donors. Learn more about how you can help save lives through organ and tissue donation at DonateLifeIllinois.org.  It takes just 30 seconds to register. It’s an ordinary action that can produce extraordinary results.


2 Responses to Celebrate the Gift of Life on Child Health Day

  1. Sue Gilbert says:

    Donating your time, money, and ideas to not-profits is essential. I like to donate to Nourishing USA (http://www.nourishingusa.org) because they’ve got a program that works in every community and everything they do is always free. Check ‘em out.

  2. Shaun Withrow says:

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