Donate Life Illinois shifts to Gift of Hope

Since 2006, Donate Life Illinois has provided social media users with organ and tissue donation news, expert insight and engaging digital content. In that time, we built a community of more than 18,000 Facebook fans, created a Twitter presence of nearly 1,450 followers and developed dozens of YouTube videos with over 250,000 views.

Today, the Donate Life Illinois social media channels transitioned to the Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network brand. The newly branded sites for our respective social media channels are:

– Twitter: @GiftofHope
– Blog:
– Facebook: (old address, new look!)
– YouTube: (old address, new look!)

The look and names of these social media sites might be different, but the news, content and promotions will remain the same. Gift of Hope, in partnership with Donate Life Illinois, remains committed to creating a community of registered donors who are dedicated to building organ and tissue donation awareness across the country.

Keep an eye out for new features, promotions and news regarding Gift of Hope and our social media sites! To learn more about Gift of Hope, visit!

– Josh Muller, Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator, Gift of Hope


One Response to Donate Life Illinois shifts to Gift of Hope

  1. maria m says:

    Hey my name is maria n i need spmeones help i have a friend that needs a kideny transplant but people n places keep closing there doors on me trying to help my friend out he doesnt have a medical card so he pays for his medication out of his own pocket n he works even though he dont feel good because he needs to buy his medication n also he is not born in the united states sum1 help me get him help please he needs a donor

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