Illini Stories: Laura DeBruler

All-American athlete Laura DeBruler received donor tissue which allows her to continue playing the game that she loves.
Photo courtesy of the Daily Illini

Laura DeBruler is a decorated athlete and currently the volunteer assistant volleyball coach at the University of Illinois. In 2009, DeBruler was named a First-Team All-American volleyball player in her junior year.  Unfortunately, her career was cut short midway through her senior season when she tore her ACL in a match against the University of Michigan.  Laura continued to have knee issues even after the ACL was repaired. It was then that doctors told DeBruler that she needed donor tissue to reconstruct her knee. “As a result of my injury, I needed donor tissue to fill a nickle-sized hole in my cartilage. Now, because someone said ‘Yes’ to organ and tissue donation, I hope to get back on the court and enjoy the game that I love.”

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-Josh Muller, PR/Marketing Coordinator with Gift of Hope


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