2008 Campus Challenge Winners Announced!

November 17, 2008

Registered C.O.D. Student

With a whopping 559 registrations, College of DuPage stole the show as the 2008 Campus Challenge winner for total registrations! MacMurray College was also designated as a winner for registering the largest percentage of a school’s population.

Throughout the six-week Challenge, the seventeen participating schools managed to register 2,069 residents as lifesaving donors! When you consider that a registered organ/tissue donor has the potential to help save or enhance the lives of more than 25 people, the efforts of our participating schools could impact more than 51,725 people waiting for lifesaving transplants.

Kudos to our winners and a HUGE thanks to all of the students, student groups, faculty and staff that again helped make this year’s Campus Challenge effort a success.

We’ll have the results posted on our website this week, but here’s a glance at how our participating schools fared in the total registrations category.

Total registrations – 2,069

C.O.D. – 559
U of I – 393
NIU – 234
UIC- 186
WIU – 120
ISU – 105
Loyola – 99
Lewis – 95
Augustana – 54
EIU – 53
IWU – 37
Knox – 36
MacMurray – 35
IIT – 21
Knox – 19
Millikin – 16
SIU – 7

Great job everyone!

– Scott


2008 Campus Challenge Update – The Final Week!

November 10, 2008

campuschallengelogoHere it is – the last week of the 2008 Campus Challenge!

For five weeks, our participating colleges have been hard at work educating fellow classmates, faculty and staff as well as campus communities at large about the crucial importance of registering to be organ and tissue donors.

We’ve come down to the final week of outreach and a close battle for the top slot is brew’n. University of Illinois has jumped ahead and is now leading the Challenge with 373 registrations! College of DuPage is close behind with 354. A full standings update will be posted on our site today. Thus far, our participating schools have registered 1,722 Illinois residents as lifesaving donors!

Hot off the campaign trail with visits to popular student diners around Chicago, DeKalb and Champaign, Morgan has a quick motivational message to share with college students throughout the state. Be sure to check it out below!

Keep up the great work everyone!


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2008 Campus Challenge Update – Week 4 Recap

November 3, 2008

Our 17 participating schools were back at it again last week, battling it out for a top slot in the 2008 Campus Challenge. College of DuPage remains on top with 271 registrations but watch out for the University of Illinois as they’re currently in second place with 218 registrations. The U of I’s student newspaper, the Daily Vidette, also ran a nice story today about U of I’s Students for Organ Donation chapter and their involvement with the Challenge.

Special thanks to everyone who took a moment to help out ole Morgan D’ Organ with a costume selection for Halloween by voting on our poll. We’ve got a special post to share this week recapping Morgan’s night out, straight from the big man himself.

Current Campus Challenge Standings – November 3, 2008

C.O.D. – 271
U of I – 218
UIC – 143
NIU – 159
Lewis – 90
Loyola – 87
ISU – 60
Augustana – 54
EIU – 50
WIU – 44
Knox – 36
IWU – 35
MacMurray – 27
Midwestern – 15
Millikin – 13
SIU – 5
UIS – 2

This week’s Mini-Challenge revolves around a theme of “Take 5, Save Lives” – where we are asking students to take 5 minutes this week to continue to reach out and grow their individual school Facebook groups as well e-mail their friends and contacts, encouraging them to register. Hop over to our Campus Challenge Facebook group to learn more.

Until next time,


2008 Campus Challenge Update – Week 1

October 13, 2008

The Donate Life Illinois 2008 Campus Challenge is well underway!

College of DuPage has jumped out to an early lead with a current total of 142 registrations! University of Illinois at Chicago is currently in second with 92 registrations and also stole the show with our first Mini-Challenge, growing their Facebook group to 372 members in just the past week!

Below is the current registration standings among all participating schools:

Current Standings – October 13, 2008


C.O.D. – 142
UIC – 92
EIU – 45
Loyola – 28
U of I – 21
IWU – 19
WIU – 19
ISU – 16
Lewis – 9
NIU – 8
Millikin – 6
MacMurray – 5
Midwestern – 5
Knox – 3
Augustana – 2

We’ll also be posting some new videos this week about local college students with personal ties to organ donation. Hop over to our Campus Campaign page to see more about this week’s Mini-Challenge – students will be active shooting photos of others wearing their “I heart organ donors” t-shirts!Keep up the great work everyone as we march toward our goal of 3,000 registrations for the Challenge!


“Because” – The Story of an Organ Donor

October 3, 2008

Back in May of this year, Amanda Gedraitis reached out to us on MySpace to submit her entry to be featured as part of our Illinois Donor Diaries. Like many of our entries, we were taken aback at the amazing job Amanda had done in writing such a compelling, powerful piece.

A few weeks ago, we set out to put stories like Amanda’s on film to feature during October and November as part of the 2008 Campus Challenge. Currently a student at Illinois State University, Amanda felt compelled to act on the lack of registered donors nationwide by becoming the youngest recorded non-direct living kidney donor.

Be sure to check out the video below and feel free to share with anyone!

Happy Friday,

“Because” – The Story of an Organ Donor

Link to video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKn-IdsNZ1U

It’s 2008 Campus Challenge Time!

October 1, 2008

It’s finally here!  We know you’ve been anxiously awaiting the 2008 Campus Challenge and today is the big day!

From now through November 14th, 18 colleges and universities will be swarmin’ the dorms, hosting registration drives on campus and encouraging Illinois residents to register online through sites such as Facebook. 

Current participating schools include:  Augustana College, College of DuPage, Eastern Illinois University, Illinois Central College, Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, Knox College, Lewis University, Loyola University, MacMurray College, Midwestern University, Millikin University, Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, University of Illinois Chicago, University of Illinois, Western Illinois University.

We welcome students from any additional Illinois colleges or universities to join the effort!

Building on last year’s momentum, we’ve set a big goal of collectively generating 3,000 registrations from this year’s Challenge! A lofty goal indeed, but I have full confidence in the excellent variety of student groups and individuals that have reached out and raised a hand in support of taking action to help save the lives of the nearly 4,700 Illinoisans and 100,000 people nationwide waiting for lifesaving transplants.

As an added twist this year, schools will be competing in a series of Mini-Challenges or weekly efforts to further public action in support of the issue. This week’s Mini-Challenge revolves around seeing which school can encourage the most people to join their local school’s facebook Challenge group.

Stay tuned as we’ll be keeping our Campus Campaign page updated with the latest Campus Challenge happenings as well as our 2008 Campus Challenge Facebook group. In addition, we’ve got a great series of videos and Donor Diaries to share in the upcoming weeks!

Best of luck to all our schools and onward with saving lives!


An Interview With Morgan D’Organ

September 24, 2008

With one week to go until the launch of the 2008 Campus Challenge, we thought we’d check in with our campaign mascot, Morgan D’ Organ, to see what he’s been up to and to clear up some frequent questions from our college supporters.


So, just for the record…WHAT exactly are you?

You don’t want to know how often I get asked that.

I think people initially get so overwhelmed by my size, pinkness and good looks that it’s hard to tell what I am. But to answer your question, I’m a large, lovable liver that serves as the mascot for Donate Life Illinois and encourages Illinoisans to register as lifesaving organ and tissue donors.
You seem to spend a lot of time educating college students about organ & tissue donation. Did you ever go to college yourself?

Absolutely, as a matter of fact, I graduated with a B.S. in Physiology from Oregon State. Though I am an Illinois native, Oregon State just felt like a natural fit for some reason. I think the name has a nice ring to it.

What do you like about working with college students on the Campus Campaign?

I love getting out and working with college students. They are so passionate and supportive of donation, oftentimes without having a specific tie to the issue. They’re really inspiring and fun and definitely make it easier for me to keep that smile on my face…a permanent smile on my face even.

You seem to be in a lot of movies…is that a second career?

A career in film is something I never really aspired to. I started working with Donate Life Illinois as a way to make a positive impact and help save some lives. We did a few videos to promote the issue, but I never dreamed my film career would take off like it did. It wasn’t long before Hollywood came calling, but that’s not really my scene.

I did do a couple of independents that were screened at Sundance, and that was a great experience. But any movies I am in, and the attention that comes as a result of them, are all in the name of saving lives. That is, and always will be, my primary focus.
 What’s in store for the big guy this fall?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked. Fall is going to be awesome! Oct. 1 marks the kickoff of Donate Life Illinois’ 2008 Campus Challenge. We’ve already got 16 schools onboard helping with the effort, which is a friendly statewide registration competition between Illinois colleges and universities. Don’t be surprised if you see me trouncing out and about at a campus near you!

Until next time,

~ Morgz

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