Donor Diaries

Get inspired by our Illinois Donor Diaries!

We Want To Hear Your Story!

Maybe you’re a current transplant patient, a recipient, or a donor family member. You might be the friend of a donor or recipient. Or perhaps you just want to show support for the cause and tell us why you registered to be a donor.

Please help us spread the word on why it’s important
to register!

Email us your story using the following guidelines:

  • Please limit your story to 250 words
    (2-3 regular size paragraphs).
  • Focus on why you are a registered organ/tissue donor and why others should also register.
  • Check for spelling and grammar before submission.
  • Include your full name, age, city or town of residence with submission.
  • We’ll let you know when we feature your story hear on our blog and on our website.
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