Illinois Students Get Creative to Promote Donate Life Illinois

March 29, 2011

Donate Life Illinois recently partnered with Best New Ad and college students/professors across Illinois to create advertisements that promote organ and tissue donation. Students were asked to create ads in three different categories (print, audio and video) that would encourage others to register their decision to be organ and tissue donors at

Students from more than 20 colleges and universities throughout the state submitted hundreds of advertisements for this contest. The level of creativity shown from these students was off the charts. We are extremely happy with the results and are excited to share the winners with you. Here are the a couple of the finalist and winning selections in the print and video categories:

Finalist (Video) – Advanced Advertising Class – Illinois Institiute of Art

First-Place (Print) – Philip Rau – College of DuPage

 Finalist (Print) – Kevin Millar – Illinois Institute of Art 

What do you think? Post your comments on the Donate Life Illinois Facebook Fan Page. Want to see more ads? Go to Best New Ad to view all of the submissions for this project. 


Lisle Donor Awareness Day and Organ Donation News Roundup

April 27, 2009

Yesterday officially marked Donor Awareness Day in Lisle, Ill. Spearheaded by Donate Life Illinois volunteer Colette Jordan, the city of Lisle is helping call attention to the more than 100,000 people waiting for lifesaving organ/tissue transplants. In addition, Colette has pulled together a symposium (Crisis in the Community – Issues Relating to Organ Donation) at College of DuPage to engage the campus community in discussion around the issue.

College of DuPage is also flying a “Donate Life” flag all month to help call attention to the gracious donors and family members that have helped save other people’s lives. Check out this story from last week’s College of Dupage Courier student newspaper (pg. 14).

In other news, Chicago Tribune columnist  Dawn Turner Trice writes today about the importance of registering to be an organ donor.

In addition, the Southtown Star wrote a nice article this week about Angelique Marseille’s volunteer leadership and efforts to promote donation.

Big thanks to Kristen down in St. Louis as well for this great blog post and for doing what she does as a transplant nurse!


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2008 Campus Challenge Winners Announced!

November 17, 2008

Registered C.O.D. Student

With a whopping 559 registrations, College of DuPage stole the show as the 2008 Campus Challenge winner for total registrations! MacMurray College was also designated as a winner for registering the largest percentage of a school’s population.

Throughout the six-week Challenge, the seventeen participating schools managed to register 2,069 residents as lifesaving donors! When you consider that a registered organ/tissue donor has the potential to help save or enhance the lives of more than 25 people, the efforts of our participating schools could impact more than 51,725 people waiting for lifesaving transplants.

Kudos to our winners and a HUGE thanks to all of the students, student groups, faculty and staff that again helped make this year’s Campus Challenge effort a success.

We’ll have the results posted on our website this week, but here’s a glance at how our participating schools fared in the total registrations category.

Total registrations – 2,069

C.O.D. – 559
U of I – 393
NIU – 234
UIC- 186
WIU – 120
ISU – 105
Loyola – 99
Lewis – 95
Augustana – 54
EIU – 53
IWU – 37
Knox – 36
MacMurray – 35
IIT – 21
Knox – 19
Millikin – 16
SIU – 7

Great job everyone!

– Scott

2008 Campus Challenge Update – Week 4 Recap

November 3, 2008

Our 17 participating schools were back at it again last week, battling it out for a top slot in the 2008 Campus Challenge. College of DuPage remains on top with 271 registrations but watch out for the University of Illinois as they’re currently in second place with 218 registrations. The U of I’s student newspaper, the Daily Vidette, also ran a nice story today about U of I’s Students for Organ Donation chapter and their involvement with the Challenge.

Special thanks to everyone who took a moment to help out ole Morgan D’ Organ with a costume selection for Halloween by voting on our poll. We’ve got a special post to share this week recapping Morgan’s night out, straight from the big man himself.

Current Campus Challenge Standings – November 3, 2008

C.O.D. – 271
U of I – 218
UIC – 143
NIU – 159
Lewis – 90
Loyola – 87
ISU – 60
Augustana – 54
EIU – 50
WIU – 44
Knox – 36
IWU – 35
MacMurray – 27
Midwestern – 15
Millikin – 13
SIU – 5
UIS – 2

This week’s Mini-Challenge revolves around a theme of “Take 5, Save Lives” – where we are asking students to take 5 minutes this week to continue to reach out and grow their individual school Facebook groups as well e-mail their friends and contacts, encouraging them to register. Hop over to our Campus Challenge Facebook group to learn more.

Until next time,


2008 Campus Challenge Update – Week 3

October 27, 2008

Another busy week at Donate Life Illinois camp as the 2008 Campus Challenge continues to race along. The University of Illinois has charged into second place with 181 registrations while College of DuPage continues to lead the Challenge with 269 registrations!

Be sure to check out this story from the Daily Vidette about ISU’s involvement with the Challenge as well as this story from the Champaign News-Gazette on the University of Illinois’ participation.

Current Standings:

Total Registrations – 1,125

College of DuPage – 269
U. of I – 181
UIC – 111
NIU – 99
Lewis – 83
Loyola – 83
ISU – 50
EIU – 47
Augustana – 40
WIU – 38
Knox – 36
IWU – 30
MacMurray – 27
Midwestern – 14
Millikin – 12
SIU – 5

For this week’s Mini-Challenge, we’re priming up for Election Day and giving everyone a little bit of practice at the polls before the Big Day. Our campaign mascot, Morgan D’ Organ, seems to be a bit confused as to which costume to choose for Halloween (as if his own look isn’t good enough?! What a picky guy). Check out our next blog post and be sure to help vote for Morgan’s costume choice.

Who knows, we may even gather some footage of him out on the town this Friday.


UIC Students Sport Organ Donor Shirts for Support

October 21, 2008

As part of our 2008 Campus Challenge, we are posing a series of Mini-Challenges each week to keep students engaged in the six-week outreach effort. Jeff Hamper has been heading up the efforts at the University of Chicago along with members of his Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity.

During the first week of the Challenge, Jeff and his crew won our “Grow the Group” Mini-Challenge, increasing their UIC Campus Challenge Facebook group to 372 members in a little over a week!

Last week, we posed a more difficult Mini-Challenge, asking students to take as many pictures as possible of others wearing the “I Heart Organ Donors” t-shirts we distributed. Photos were then uploaded and tagged on individual Facebook groups. Colette Jordan and her Students for Organ Donation group at College of DuPage submitted 41 photos on their Facebook group.

However, Jeff and his UIC crew again stole the show, submitting 138 photos of students wearing the shirts! Below are a few sample photos submitted.

It’s so great to see this support from campus communities. Huge thanks to both schools for heading up such excellent efforts. Keep up the great work!


2008 Campus Challenge Update – Week 2

October 20, 2008

A fresh update coming off week 2 of the 2008 Campus Challenge!

College of DuPage still leads the pack with 160 total registrations. Together, all participating schools have generated 621 registrations. In addition, kudos to Erin Kasper, president of Students for Organ Donation at the University of Illinois for writing this Letter to the Editor. Western Illinois University’s student newspaper also ran a story today about the Campus Challenge.

We’re also very excited about this week’s new Mini-Challenge. We’ve officially designated Friday, October 24th as Donate Life Facebook Status Update Day!

Here’s how it will work. Students will be reaching out to members of their school Facebook groups throughout this week to encourage participation. Feel free to do the same!

On this Friday, October 24th, anyone and everyone who wants to participate can do the following:

Update your Facebook status!

Please use some variation of the following message:

Have you joined Illinois’ organ donor registry? Register to be a donor at!


Help {enter school name here} win the 2008 Campus Challenge! Register to be an organ donor at!

*Be sure to include “http://” for your link so that Facebook knows to hyperlink.

Update your Facebook profile photo!

Visit the 2008 Campus Challenge Facebook group:

Right click on the Donate Life Illinois logo or 2008 Campus Challenge logo in the group to save the image to your desktop. Upload the logo to your profile on October 24 to match your status update!

Post a Note!

Post a note about the need for organ donors and include a link to for others to register.

If you’re not from Illinois but want to participate, feel free to replace with the regular Donate Life logo below (same process as above to download via right-click) and alter your status update message while replacing the URL with

Drop us a comment if you plan to participate with Donate Life Facebook Status Update Day!


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